SMUSA Round 8 at Stockton

Photo Sampler for Sunday Mains

For SMUSA classes Super 50, 125 S/S, 150, and F-110, see Saturday's photo gallery.
It doesn't take long to go through the gallery from beginning to end, but if you want to jump ahead to a particular race, here are the tabs.

Vet 45
Super Lightweight
Mini Motard
Vet 35

400 AM

This is just a photo sampler. If you'd like a CD of all your photos, click here.

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. Bob Stokstad

og9p5121 og9p5123 og9p5124 og9p5125
og9p5126 img_5749 img_5754 og9p5130
og9p5136 img_5762 img_5770 img_5795
img_5798 img_5800 img_5801 img_5805
img_5824 img_5838 img_5843 img_5847
img_5850 img_5852 og9p5137 og9p5138
og9p5142 og9p5144 og9p5145 og9p5146
img_5860 og9p5150 og9p5151 og9p5152
og9p5153 img_5862 img_5875 img_5889
img_5892 img_5911 og9p5157 og9p5158
og9p5159 og9p5161 og9p5163 og9p5167
img_5917 img_5935 og9p5173 og9p5175
img_5943 img_5969 img_6001 img_6009
img_6017 img_6029 img_6043 img_6057
og9p5183 og9p5193 og9p5196 img_6103
img_6111 img_6129 img_6133 img_6134
img_6135 img_6136 img_6139 img_6142
og9p5203 og9p5204 og9p5205 og9p5206
og9p5207 og9p5214 og9p5215 img_6149
img_6158 img_6164 img_6168 img_6170
img_6172 img_6174 img_6188 img_6189
img_6191 og9p5229 og9p5235 img_6197
img_6206 img_6207 img_6210 img_6216
img_6224 og9p5241 og9p5242 og9p5245
og9p5247 img_6234 img_6255 img_6256
img_6261 og9p5250 img_6288 img_6298
img_6316 og9p5263 img_6361 img_6368a
img_6368b img_6384 img_6395 img_6406
img_6417 img_6426 img_6427 og9p5269
og9p5272 og9p5274 img_6442 03_img_6445
img_6452 img_6459 04_img_6471a img_6481
img_6489 img_6492 img_6503 img_6506
img_6514 img_6519 img_6544 og9p5284
og9p5286 og9p5299 img_6566 img_6575
og9p5311 og9p5312 og9p5317 img_6589
img_6592 img_6605 img_6613 img_6632
img_6647 img_6655 img_6659 img_6660
img_6665 img_6675 img_6680 img_6685
img_6692 img_6693 img_6694 img_6700