Frequently Asked (and even some unasked) Questions about buying a CD from Bob Stokstad.

What do I get?
       All good images from the event/weekend
       Each image custom processed with Photoshop
       High-res files for prints
       Lo-res files for web/e-mail

How many photos?
       Typically at least 20, usually more
       Taken from different spots on the track so you get a variety.

How much does it cost?
       $50 (now $40 as of April, 2009), including shipping and handling
       A $20 deposit at the event would be appreciated.

How do I order a CD?
       Just send me an e-mail
       Include your number plate and contact info.

How can I be sure your photos will be good?
       Please check out the photos in the galleries on my website.
       Ask people who've bought a CD.
              (I can supply references)

Can I see the photos before I buy the CD?
      For people who haven't purchased a CD from me before and are uneasy, I sometimes send a couple of lo-res shots in an e-mail, just as a sample.  But most people, especially those who have already bought a CD from me are comfortable buying sight-unseen. Putting your photos on the web first would take effort that I'd rather spend working on the photos that go on your CD.
Suppose I buy a CD and it doesn't meet my expectations?
       Just tell me and I'll return your $50.

Why don't you put all of your photos on the web, like some other photographers?
       Putting photos right out of the camera on the web is an extra step that would take significant time and effort. I'd rather spend that time doing custom work on the images to go on your CD. Also, I enjoy interacting with my clientel, and that's missing when orders go through a commercial website.

Do you sell prints? 
       It's certainly cheaper and, I think, better for you if you take the your CD to a photo store (or to upload selected images to an on-line print service) and get the particular prints you want. 

Why does it take a couple of weeks to get my CD?
       The first thing I do after a race is work on an article for Cycle News. That's important because supermoto racing and SMUSA benefit from this publicity.
       Then I prepare a gallery of photos for my website, for everyone to enjoy.
       Next I have to go through all the photos from the weekend (typically four to six thousand of them) and key in the numbers from the number plates.  (That's three brutal days right there.)
       When that's finished, I can pull up all your photos.
       I edit, and photoshop all of your good ones, and prepare your CD.  It's all very labor intensive. 

Why is it good for me to tell you before the race that I'd like a CD? 
       If I know your interest in advance, I can take more photos of you.  It's that simple.  Eventually, I'd like to take photos for people who tell me in advance and for repeat customers.   Taking thousands of photos of people who aren't interested is a lot of effort that could better be devoted to riders who know what they want.

Thanks for your interest.  See you at the track. And Enjoy Your CD!

Bob Stokstad
510 710 7855 cell