XTRM/AMA Amateur Nationals Round 8

Stockton, CA  October 17, 2009

a photo sampler from  Bob Stokstad

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img_1910 oh9q0297 img_1065 img_1067a
oh9q0500 oh9q0315 oh9q0387 oh9q0400
img_0411 oh9q0416 oh9q0520 oh9q0531
oh9q0451 img_0493 img_0498a img_0511
img_0522a oh9q0562 img_0558 oh9q0581
oh9q0618 oh9q0620 img_0600 img_0604
img_0624 img_1196 img_0754 oh9q0682
oh9q0700a img_0881 oh9q0727 img_0930
img_0941 oh9q0749a oh9q0814 img_1308
img_1924 img_1977 img_1998 img_2006