SupermotoUSA Round 1
Infineon - March 29, 2009
Captioned Sampler Gallery - Have a look, see what a great season opener this was.

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Bob Stokstad Photography
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img_1947 img_1953 img_1964 oh9p1814
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img_2166 oh9p1917 img_2173 img_2183
img_2195 img_2196 img_2200 img_2203
oh9p1945 oh9p1947 img_2228 oh9p1974a
oh9p1975 img_2233 oh9p1986 oh9p1988
oh9p1989 oh9p1992 oh9p1996 oh9p2011
oh9p2029 img_2266 oh9p2035 img_2292
img_2305 img_2306 oh9p2045 oh9p2048
img_2328 img_2329 oh9p2072 oh9p2077
oh9p2084 oh9p2087 img_2355 img_2362
oh9p2091 img_2368 img_2371 img_2382
img_2391 oh9p2101 oh9p2102 oh9p2111
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oh9p2144 oh9p2152 oh9p2154 oh9p2156
oh9p2157 img_2457 img_2479 img_2484
img_2491 img_2492 oh9p2174 oh9p2175
oh9p2186 oh9p2187 oh9p2188 oh9p2194
img_2523 img_2524 img_2528 img_2537
img_2540 img_2565 img_2566 oh9p2211
oh9p2216 oh9p2224 oh9p2227 oh9p2229
img_2607 img_2610 img_2613 img_2615
oh9p2232 oh9p2233 oh9p2234 oh9p2235
oh9p2237 oh9p2239 oh9p2240 img_2619
img_2630 img_2632 oh9p2246 oh9p2252
oh9p2258 img_2665 img_2667 oh9p2261
oh9p2262 oh9p2263 oh9p2264 oh9p2267
oh9p2269 oh9p2270 oh9p2271 oh9p2272
img_2683a img_2689 oh9p2274 oh9p2278
oh9p2279 oh9p2285 oh9p2287 oh9p2290
oh9p2293 oh9p2295 oh9p2298 oh9p2300
img_2724 img_2729 oh9p2305 oh9p2308
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