I selected 240 photos from Round 1 and put them on CD. (The 62 photos you see on the web now are included.) All 240 can be seen on your PC the same way you are doing now on the web. In addition, you can also view an "enlargement" of each of these photos from a jpeg file that can be used to make a good 4x6 print if you wish. For an example of how the CD will work, click here. The number plates visible in the photos are listed here.

If you would like the Round 1 CD, please e-mail or write with the information I need to mail it to you. The cost is $10 plus a buck for mailing and all that. So, if you could send me a check for $11, that would be great.

Bob Stokstad - 150 Hill Road, Berkeley, CA 94708

e-mail rgs@jstokstad.com