Cycle News - Issue #25, June 28, 2006 p. 70


SupermotoUSA Nor-Cal Championship Series

Round 3 at Infineon

May 19-21, 2006


Wet Weekend at Infineon Doesn't Dampen Supermoto


Text and photo by Bob Stokstad

The dirt section of the course received a major upgrade this year: a six-turn hillside serpentine with whoops and jumps. Rainfall during Friday afternoon confined practice to the pavement. But by noon on Saturday the dirt had dried sufficiently for racing on the full thirteen-turn course. Danny Casey swept the 250F class with way-out-front first places in both heat and main.  Casey Yarrow and Garret Willis took second and third in the main, followed by C.D. Howell and Andrew Dickson.


On the first lap of the 125 Supersport main event, leader Shawn Ralls dropped his Honda in the second asphalt turn that by now had collected just enough dirt to trip even the best riders. The fans up the hill then cheered him on as he systematically worked his way through the pack, picking off his competitors at the rate of one a lap until he led once again.


Daryl Atkins (54) nabs the holeshot in the second Expert moto, followed by Josh Chisum (behind Atkins) and Casey Yarrow (1).

Endowed with a purse this weekend, the Expert class attracted many entrants. Daryl Atkins on an Aprilla twin took the holeshot but gave up the lead when he lost front-wheel traction in the dirt section. Yarrow led for two laps but then Chisum took over in the third and then increased his lead, leaving Travis Marks and Casey in distant second and third places. Yarrow trailed in fourth.  Atkins, who had rejoined the race, finished 19th.  The second moto started similarly, but this time Atkins maintained the lead. Chisum just couldn't get past him, try as he might, until the last lap when a cluster of lappers created the opportunity he needed to edge out Atkins.  It was a great day for Chisum who took first in both motos and got the big envelope on the podium.


Sunday's racing started out well, but darkening skies indicated trouble ahead.  By mid afternoon steady rain once again forced the closure of the dirt section. A riders' meeting was called and the question put - how many want to call it a day, how many want to keep racing?  It was nearly unanimous. A half hour later racing resumed on a reconfigured track, which now included a chicane in the gravel parking area next to the asphalt. This addition and the gradually diminishing rain produced some of the most fun racing of the weekend.


The Super Lightweight and 450 classes produced a set of familiar names: Casey, Vincent Guisande, Jr., Yarrow, Garrett Willis, Pascarella and Dickson, in that order for the 450.  Pascarella took first place in the Lightweight.  Brian Bartlow landed first place in the Sportsman class, followed by Paul Hart and Daryl Tenbrink.


In the course of two days' racing including heats and mains, three riders each earned two first places: Chisum (Expert), Ralls (125 Supersport), and Don Biava (Vet 35+). But top honors go to Casey and Michael Corbino who won three races each.  Casey, in the 250F (2) and 450, and Corbino in the 400 Amateur(2) and Novice classes.




BEG: 1. Randall Carvel (Yam); 2. Jake Thompson (Hon); 3. Greg Kamholz (Hon); 4. Jerod Popejoy (KTM); 5. Jason Moran (Hon).


NOV: 1. Michael Corbino (Hon); 2. Brett Moran (Yam); 3. Jimmy Gonzales (Hon); 4. Mike Haydel (Hon); 5. Tim Lynch (Hus).


INT: 1. Brett Moran (Yam); 2. Tony Souza (Yam); 3. Tod Risley (Yam); 4. Daryl Tenbrink (Hon); 5. Mike Haydel (Hon).


S/L/W: 1. Joey Pascarella (Hus); 2. Michael Martin (Hon); 3. Ryan Kearns (Yam); 4. Jake Thompson (Hon).


E MINI MOTARD: 1. Cloyse Holland (Kaw); 2. Ricky Colindres (Hon); 3. Greg Kamholz (Hon); 4. Paul Kellogg (Hon); 5. Justin Ford (Hon).


65-125: 1. Gage McAllister (Kaw); 2. Brandon Sakai (Hon); 3. Tucker Lancaster (Kaw); 4. Wyatt Farris (Yam); 5. Ryan Kearns (Yam).


125 S/SPT: 1. Shawn Ralls (Hon); 2. Mark Anolik (Hon); 3. James Brooks (Hon); 4. Paul Kellogg (Hon); 5. Andrew Dickson (KTM).


250F: 1. Danny Casey (Yam); 2. Casey Yarrow (Yam); 3. Garrett Willis (Hon); 4. C.D. Howell (Hon); 5. Andrew Dickson (KTM).


400 AM: 1. Michael Corbino (Hon); 2. Richard Goforth (Yam); 3. Bert Toth (Hon); 4. Chase McFarland (Yam); 5. Jimmy Gonzales (Hon).


450: 1. Danny Casey (Yam); 2. Vincent Guisande Jr. (Hon); 3. Casey Yarrow (Yam); 4. Garrett Willis (Hon); 5. Joey Pascarella (Hus).


SPTSMN: 1. Brian Bartlow (Hon); 2. Paul Hart (Hon); 3. Daryl Tenbrink (Hon); 4. Brian Pecore (Yam); 5. Casey Heidebrecht (Hon).


VET 45+: 1. Colin Macdonald (Hon); 2. Allan Yarrow (Hon); 3. John Martin (Hon); 4. Robert Van Ryn (Hon); 5. Richard Deveau (Yam).


VET OPEN: 1. Don Biava (Suz); 2. David Deveau (Hon); 3. Brian Bartlow (Hon); 4. Paul Hart (Hon); 5. Allen Yarrow (Hon).


OPEN PRO: 1. Josh Chisum (Hon); 2. Travis Marks (Hon); 3. Casey Yarrow (KTM); 4. Danny Casey (Yam); 5. Michael Hannas (Kaw).