Fernley, March 2008
A captioned photo-sampler from SMUSA Round 1.
I have photos of all racers. Please e-mail me if you'd like a CD of all your photos from the weekend.

Bob Stokstad

img_6936 img_6408 img_6415 img_6417
oe9p9376 oe9p9384 oe9p9223 oe9p9390
img_6445 img_6432 oe9p9216 img_6449
oe9p9275 img_6946 img_6955a img_7142
of9p0531a img_7218 of9p0705 img_7302
of9p1092 of9p1305 of9p1307 of9p1325
of9p0766 img_7241 of9p1403 of9p0994
of9p0158 of9p0391 of9p1362 of9p1344
of9p0122 of9p0876 of9p1037 of9p0395
of9p0920 of9p0179 of9p1341 of9p0950
oe9p9623 of9p0714 of9p0446 of9p0412
of9p0061 of9p0452 of9p1010 of9p1013
oe9p9847 of9p0134 of9p1345 of9p0570
of9p0222 of9p0374 of9p0202 of9p0262
of9p0254 img_6651 of9p0351 img_6673
of9p1361 of9p1387 of9p0115 of9p1388
img_6614 oe9p9882 of9p0781 of9p0791
of9p0797 of9p0817 img_7125 of9p0246
img_6659 of9p0918 oe9p9772 img_7040
of9p0176 img_6733 img_6762 img_6768
img_6736 img_6818 img_6847 img_6825
img_6855 img_6857 img_6886 img_6907
img_6909 img_7048 of9p0545 of9p0608
img_7122 of9p0636 img_7162 img_7211
of9p0718 img_7246 of9p0751 of9p0764
of9p1062 of9p1050 of9p1066 of9p1073
of9p1100 of9p1302 of9p1335 of9p1339
of9p1357 of9p0712 oe9p9607 oe9p9618
oe9p9614 oe9p9621 oe9p9622 oe9p9624
oe9p9914 oe9p9626 oe9p9630 oe9p9628
oe9p9917 oe9p9938 oe9p9932 of9p0006
img_6644 of9p0124 of9p0132 of9p0073
of9p0063 img_6778