To get high resolution images, pick out the photos you like and note the last four digits of the image file name. (It's at the end of the figure caption and looks like "OB9P4794.JPG" "4794" is the number you want.)

e-mail the list to me and I'll prepare a CD for you with JPEG files.

Images are $10 each and I would like request a minimum order of $20 (plus two bucks S&H).

You'll get the full-size file (typically 8 MegaPixels) of the image on the web and, in addition, a photoshopped version of the same file. The latter will be cropped when that improves the image, have brightness and contrast adjusted, artifacts removed, etc., etc. Special requests for cropping ratios (4x6, 5x7, 8x10, whatever) can be accommodated.

When your order is ready to ship, I'll let you know by e-mail and request that you send me a check at that time.

I'll be riding during Sept 7-22. So, if you don't get an immediate response to your e-mail, don't worry.

Thanks for your interest.

Bob Stokstad

150 Hill Road, Berkeley, CA 94708