Duel at the Docks - a Photo Sampler
AMA/NASMOTO Championship Final at the Queen Mary, Long Beach, Nov. 3-5, 2006

It was an amazing event -- enjoy the photos.

Text of CityBike article (December, 2006)

Bob Stokstad................PhotographyP

oc9p2012 oc9p0017a oc9p0170a oc9p0331a oc9p1450a
oc9p1487c oc9p2304-5 oc9p2318-19 oc9p2453a oc9p2372a
oc9p1273a oc9p2174a oc9p2177a oc9p2589a oc9p1351a
oc9p2259 oc9p1936a oc9p0511 oc9p0552 oc9p0541
oc9p1303 oc9p1171 oc9p1681 oc9p1232b oc9p1486a
oc9p1758 oc9p1390a oc9p1055a oc9p1849 oc9p2072
oc9p1869a oc9p1876 oc9p2142 oc9p2135 oc9p2136
oc9p2121 oc9p0426a oc9p1744 oc9p0505a oc9p1909
oc9p1912 oc9p2369a oc9p2285 oc9p2300 oc9p1503b
oc9p0798 oc9p2041a oc9p0489 oc9p1640a oc9p0752a
oc9p0391a oc9p2653a oc9p2666a oc9p2043a oc9p2708a